101st Pathfinders Division – Welcome Post

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the 101st Airborne Pathfinders.

In the pathfinders we honor our past first and foremost. Men Like the legendary Jake McNiece one of the first 101st Pathfinders.

In the pathfinders we train all week, We train so that we can be mobile and carry out a multitude of assignments. WE are dropped behind enemy lines, surrounded and prepared to fight. We move all day, we attack all day. Failure is not in our vocabulary. We are one of the hardest hitting and mobile units at Dday on either side.

So if you want to fight all day, and be a deciding factor in the outcome of the game, then please choose us.
Remember our Motto….First IN!! Last Out!

1st Infantry Division – Welcome Post

My first year attending D-Day was in 2005.  I spent several years chilling out enjoying the best vacations I had every experienced.  As I spent more time with the 1st ID I started becoming more involved until someone had the insane idea that I should lead a company then a battalion and finally the whole company.  

This will be my second year leading the 1st ID and my 10th D-Day.  My foremost goal is to make your overall experience at D-Day as enjoyable as possible.

See you soon

101st Airborne – Welcomes You!

Hello and thank you for your interest in the 101st Airborne Division of Oklahoma D-Day.

In the 101st we have a tradition of remembering those real 101st Airborne troopers who came before us and sharing their legacy with the world.  The most famous of those being Easy Company of the 506th PIR and Jake McNiece of the Filthy 13.

By playing with Honor and Respect for all players on the field we carry their memories forward to others at every event we play at.

The 101st will be dropped behind the lines at OKLAHOMA D-Day.  We will be surrounded.  We can be asked to move into a fight anyplace on the field at any time so like the real 101st we must be in shape to do it.  We will be the first to step on the field and the last ones off.  We do not leave the field unless there is a medical emergency.

I welcome you to the 101st Airborne Division.


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