82nd Airborne Registration Giveaway

Men and women of the 82nd Airborne Division at Oklahoma DDay, don’t miss out on this great opportunity for an awesome marker, free paint and 82nd AB gear to get set for the week.  Register 82nd Airborne Division before February and you are entered automatically for the following items:

82nd AB 2015 Registration Giveaway

82nd AB 2015 Registration Giveaway

Airborne All the Way!!!

2014 Division b

Men and women of the 82nd Airborne Division Oklahoma DDay,

Once again it was truly an honor and privilege to serve as your commanding officer. Watching each and every one of you perform on the field confirmed that the 82nd is by far and large one of the best, most aggressive, German eliminating Divisions on the field. Whatever was asked of you, no matter how difficult, you would find success everywhere you went. As a team we fought hard and we fought together and in the end we achieved victory once more! I will be back in 2015 and I hope all of you will join me.

Airborne All the Way!!!

Brigadier General Posey

DDay 2014 Friday Game: Take Utah

82nd AB Troops the following is the first scored mission plan of the week. The information given is for planning purposes and all tactics should be discussed on non public forums.

Commanders Intent: Capture and Hold Utah Beach
Points: Gun Emplacements and Command Tower 150 Points
Participation Bonus: 200 Points (All or None)
Insertion and Reinsertion Location for Airborne Troops: Top of Causeway every 20 minutes.
Day: Friday
Game Time: 3 Hours
Mission: OPSEC

Friday Game