Brad Pitt – Welcome Post

Alright, you want to know what this whole “Brad Pitt” thing is all about. We perform missions that include [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].

Just kidding (sort of).  In reality, The Brad Pitts are a group of specialized players within the Allied Army, who operate in a very unorthodox manner both on and off the field.

Training is key for us. We train through the week of D-Day, and through the year, keeping our fitness levels up and paintball skills sharp.

Recruitment for Brad Pitt is highly selective, and applicants must pass peer review from standing members of Brad Pitt. If you are interested, here are some things that we look for when selecting new members:

- Previous big game experience (D-Day, Living Legends, Fulda, Gap, etc)

- Previous or current military, law enforcement, SAR, or firefighter experience.

- Physical fitness levels (are you currently physically active in sports, martial arts, or the gym?)

- Overall attitude

We are named after a movie star, and scream his name as war cry. So if you’re really into the “military structure” aspect of scenario paintball, that’s great, but this probably isn’t the unit for you. We’re laid-back and close-knit, having fun the whole way through.

If you’re interested in joining Brad Pitt, shoot us an email!