Looking towards the horizon

RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!  We are recruiting new players by the day for the 2014 Oklahoma D-Day event!  Along with that we are increasing our other capabilities with more of our players purchasing communications equipment for on the field and camp site equipment for off the field.  We are gearing up to make 2014 one of the best years to date and we hope you will be there to join us!  We are continuing to develop this web presence so bear with us but we also have a private Facebook group that you can join us on once registered.

2013 rangers

Welcome to the Ranger Brigade!

When the Allied Commander needs to call 911 to bring forces immediately to the battle, he calls upon the Rangers. We are the Quick Reaction Force of the Allies. We support the various units through clandestine operations to assault primary beach targets at the onset of the game. Afterwards we attack targets of opportunity throughout the battle space and when the Commander needs an immediate force sent to secure an area, destroy an objective or support ongoing forces he calls upon the Rangers. We also pride ourselves on being a relaxed and enjoyable unit that does not occupy a great deal of time with meetings and training and so on. We play hard, we relax hard. Those of us who have returned year after year take great pride in wearing the Ranger patch and bringing new or experienced D-Day players into our Ranger family and we hope to see you join us!