2014 Oklahoma DDAY Preperations

With D-Day right around the corner the 101st Pathfinders are gearing up for yet another hard fought Battle.   Recruiting is at an all time high for the Pathfinders, and we are looking at a much better year then last year.  We are currently in the process of putting together an extensive training program.  One that will be physically challenging and demanding.  The Pathfinders will be one of the best trained and motivated units again this year.

Some of the things we will be training on:

  • Building / room clearing
  • Ambushes
  • Tactical movements IE Bounding
  • Patrol tactics
  • Land navigation
  • Violence of Action
  • Field familiarity

We will be looking for those individuals that are highly motivated and high speed to fill positions such as fire team and squad leaders. We are also looking for troops that would be willing to act as Radio Operators for the command staff.  As with all positions we will identify those troopers that display an above average willingness to help, participate and in general be the best of the best.

If you have any questions or have an interest in any position you can contact me at a.r.bales@sbcglobal.net

First IN!

Last OUT!


101st Pathfinders Division – Welcome Post

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the 101st Airborne Pathfinders.

In the pathfinders we honor our past first and foremost. Men Like the legendary Jake McNiece one of the first 101st Pathfinders.

In the pathfinders we train all week, We train so that we can be mobile and carry out a multitude of assignments. WE are dropped behind enemy lines, surrounded and prepared to fight. We move all day, we attack all day. Failure is not in our vocabulary. We are one of the hardest hitting and mobile units at Dday on either side.

So if you want to fight all day, and be a deciding factor in the outcome of the game, then please choose us.
Remember our Motto….First IN!! Last Out!