Welcome to the Oklahoma D-Day Allied Army

We are glad that you’ve chosen to join us.

As part of the Oklahoma D-Day Allied Army, you have the commitment of the leadership that we will do our best to provide you with a safe, fun, and most of all memorable experience. We accept players of any age and experience level because it is our goal to grow and have a positive impact on the sport of paintball.

With our worldwide network of players, we can offer the best opportunity for finding a group of friends to play with in any area.

If you are new to the Allied Army and have questions about us, our flagship game Oklahoma D-Day, or anything in general, please feel free to ask through our support chat or, even better, join our forum and get to know us. We want you to have the best possible experience with us and look forward to getting to know you!


The Allied Army is all about enjoying paintball, each other’s company, and having the best reputation in the sport of paintball.



    1. I will never send a player into a situation I would not be willing to go myself.
    2. I am able to operate as a single unit and with a team.
    3. I will listen to the ideas of other members of my team.
    4. If a strategy is clearly not working, I will find another way to achieve the goal.
    5. I will earn the respect of other players through my sportsmanship and my ethics.
    6. I recognize that my attitude directly influences the attitude of those that follow me.
    7. I am a leader.


    1. I will not overshoot intentionally (Shoot a player after they are out).
    2. I will always offer the courtesy of surrender to a player that I have bested unless it will put me in danger.
    3. I will not shoot a surrendering player.
    4. I will not grudgingly target another player.
    5. I will not play on after being hit by a paintball that has broken.
    6. I will obey all field chronograph limits, even if other players are not.


    1. I will not accuse or blame another player of causing me/our team to lose a match.
    2. I will always shake the hand of the opposing players even during a loss.
    3. I will congratulate other players on their wins.
    4. I will not hold a grudge against another player for (shooting after I was called out, shooting at point blank, causing our team to lose a match, or not listening to my directions).
    5. I recognize that referees are there for my fun and safety and will not accuse them of taking sides, causing our team to lose, or willfully sabotaging the game.


    1. I will do my best to make other players enjoy the paintball experience.
    2. I will educate and/or coach players that are new.
    3. I will make friends during game play and invite them to join us again.
    4. I will never turn away a new player because I realize that at one day I too was new.