Here’s The Deal

Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood newly appointed general here.

I want to start off by saying thank you to Cam and everything he has done for the 4th Infantry Division at D-Day. He took over the unit at the very last minute my first year here, and has done an incredible job with it since. I’ve seen this unit grow into THE friendliest, most family oriented, and the deadliest fighting force on the field. I’ve heard numerous examples of our guys out in the field when a group of stragglers from another unit notices our armbands and says “Hey! Those guys are 4th ID, let’s follow them!” And I absolutely love that. Everyone in this unit is friendly and knows how to get stuff done, that’s why people follow us, we get results. And we have Cam to thank for getting us here.

Now, all that being said, we’re on hard times guys and gals. We’ve lost half of our unit to various reasons. And unless numbers skyrocket soon (unlikely), we’re going to three companies instead of six. So, with that in mind, I need you all to recruit. Recruit like the wind! Go to your local fields and talk up this game and unit, get your facebook, school, college, and work friends and tell them about us!

I’m going to need your guys’ help this year. This will be my 8th year and I’m confident I can do the job, but your support is important to me. You guys know me, rank at this game means little to me. We’re all here to have fun. This year it’s my job to make sure the entire 4th has fun.

This is going to be a back to basics year. As far as I’m concerned, all the fancy fake outs and audibles are out the window. We’re going to take that beach, and we’re going to take it hard. We’re down in numbers, but we’ve done it before, and you better believe we’re going to do it again.

I just want to close with this: the 4th ID has changed my life. I’ve got a huge group of friends that I really only see once a year, but are closer to me than just about any others. We’re going to have a blast this year, and we’re going to do it with the 4th on top of the beach.


General Ryan “Reaper” Stephens